SpaceY (former Galileo Services) is the leading International Industry non-profit organisation focused on the downstream (i.e. user applications and equipment) side of the European Space Programme.


Comprising key GNSS Downstream Industry players, the organisation’s mission is to create value for Europe through the development of applications and the growth of the European space downstream sector.

An important role of the association is to stress the crucial message that the huge investments in space infrastructure must be based on real user needs, and on the tangible socio-economic benefits it will generate: This is whY Europe invests in Space, and the fundamental focus of Space Y.

For almost 20 years, SpaceY has worked in close collaboration with the key European institutions, including the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council as well as other agencies, such as the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), the European Space Agency (ESA) and national space agencies and institutions providing a unified voice on issues of importance to the industrial sector.

SpaceY also maintains connections with a number of umbrella organisations at European and national levels (EUGIN, EURISY, EARSC, NEREUS, ESOA, ERTICO etc.).


SpaceY is a membership organisation, which consists of the major Space downstream industry players in Europe. Networking 180 organisations including OREGIN, the association provides its Members with an unrivalled platform for partnership and information exchange as well as wide representation vis-à-vis national and EU institutions. Space Y membership is open to any companies or organisations with an interest in the development of the Space downstream segment.


SpaceY is administered by a Board of Directors, which decides the major strategic, economic, financial and technological orientation of the association. An executive secretariat executes the daily activities regarding the administration of the association. Space Y is supervised by a General Assembly comprising representatives of all its members. Officers of the association, i.e. the Chairman of the Board, the Vice-Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer are annually proposed by the Board and elected by the General Assembly.

The Team

Gard Ueland



Chairman of SpaceY

Olivier Colaitis

VP – EU Business


Vice Chairman of SpaceY

Marie-Laure Mathieu

Senior Engineer


Treasurer of SpaceY

Roberto Capua

GNSS R&D Programme Manager


Secretary of SpaceY

Pascal Campagne



Special Advisor of SpaceY

Auréline Borel

Permanent Representative